How Was My Summer Vacation

Never mind that never mind that now never mind that, never mind alright, Mcfly you’re asking for it and now you’re gonna get it. Bear with me Marty all of your questions will be answered. Roll tape we’ll proceed. Who are you calling spook pecker-wood. Thank god I found you. Listen, can you meet me at Twin Pines Mall tonight at 1:15? I’ve made a major breakthrough, I’ll need your assistance.

How Was My Summer Vacation

Cause, George, she wants to go to the dance with you, she just doesn’t know it yet. That’s why we got to show her that you, George McFly, are a fighter. You’re somebody who’s gonna stand up for yourself, someone who’s gonna protect her. Did you hurt your head? Oh, pleased to meet you, Calvin Marty Klein. Do you mind if I sit here? Who? Oh, hi , Marty. I didn’t hear you come in. Fascinating device, this video unit.

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