Where is it warm in April? The 11 top travel destinations



We know that traveling is particularly difficult right now. In addition to practical advice and information on traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, we also want to continue to provide you with inspiring travel tips for future vacations - so that you are definitely ready for new adventures when the world finally opens its doors again!

April in Germany is treacherous - one day it is almost summery, the next it snows and you would like to turn on the heating again. In the following we have researched 11 places for you, where it is wonderfully warm and sunny even in April - that summer holiday feeling guaranteed!

Before making a booking, check the  website of the Federal Foreign Office and the website of the Robert Koch Institute for the latest travel advice. On our interactive world map you can also see live where you can already travel.

It's already warm here in April:

  1. Bonaire, Caribbean
  2. Cancun, Mexico
  3. Alaçatı, Turkey
  4. Lagos, Portugal
  5. Ksamil, Albania
  6. Bermuda, Caribbean
  7. Patmos, Greece
  8. Sardinia, Italy
  9. Samaná, Dominican Republic
  10. Ulcinj, Montenegro
  11. Reunion Island

1. Bonaire, Caribbean

warm in April

All divers and snorkeling fans among you watch out! The small but fine island paradise of Bonaire belongs to the Dutch ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and is located in the southern Caribbean off the mainland of South America. The island attracts vacationers all year round with average temperatures of almost 30 degrees, powdered sugar-white dream beaches, but above all with colorful coral reefs and thus ideal diving conditions. There are around 80 marked diving spots around the island, which undoubtedly make Bonaire one of the most beautiful diving spots on earth. But the island can not only score points under the water surface. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional: windsurfing and kitesurfing are very popular here! If you want to spend the day relaxing on the beach, can relax in a beach bar with good music and a cool drink. Pictures of flamingos on the beach? With more than 10,000 pink birds on Bonaire, you have more than enough options to take the perfect vacation photo!

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Bonaire

How about a trip to the better-known neighboring island? Aruba: A Caribbean's Well-Kept Secret

2. Cancun , Mexico

warm travel destinations

There is hardly a place in Latin America that is as famous for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife as Cancún on the Yucatán peninsula. It's not just warm and summery here in April: the Mexican holiday destination attracts visitors with sunshine and temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius all year round. White sandy beaches, shady palm trees and well-attended nightclubs for partying until the early hours can be found here wherever you look. In a word: a real summer vacation paradise! If you are not afraid to look under the surface of the water, you can look forward to another very special highlight in Cancún: an underwater museum,

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office on entering Mexico.

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3. Alaçatı, Turkey

warm in April

This picturesque place is located on the Çeşme Peninsula on the Turkish Aegean Sea. In the 19th century, the majority of Alaçatı's inhabitants came from Greece, and this influence is unmistakable: Narrow boho-style streets, stone houses with colorful windows and white stone windmills adorn the image of this Mediterranean pearl. One could almost think that it is one of the Greek Cyclades islands, such as Mykonos or Santorini. The listed old town of Alaçatı, which exudes a historical flair during the day, is transformed into one big party location at night. Numerous bars, restaurants and discos are located directly on the coast and attract visitors from all over the world with numerous sunset parties, open-air concerts and nights of dancing with a view of the sea. Speaking of the sea:

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Turkey

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4. Lagos, Portugal

Destinations in April

The impressive coast of the western Algarve is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe for a superlative April vacation. Some of them are located in Lagos, a charming town with a historical flair. Let yourself be drawn in by the rich seafaring history, immerse yourself in a spectacular natural landscape and recharge your batteries after a few dark winter months in Germany. The city is equally suitable for a vacation with small and large children, as well as for a party trip with friends thanks to the pulsating nightlife. When it comes to a suitable beach, you are spoiled for choice. East of Lagos is the longest sandy beach in the western Algarve, the Meia Praia, which is 4 km long. But the absolute highlight is only 4 km away from Lagos: Praia do Camilo.

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Portugal.

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5. Ksamil, Albania

warm in April

In the very south of the Albanian Riviera is the popular holiday and seaside resort of Ksamil, which for many embodies the Caribbean of Albania. This tourist favorite is often completely overcrowded in the summer months. In April, on the other hand, there are already very pleasant temperatures of up to 20 ° degrees and you have the beach and countless dream bays almost completely to yourself. From here you also have a wonderful view of the four uninhabited small Ksamil islands, which can be reached by swimming or by boat. In the background, however, rises the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece, which is only 4 km away and can be reached in about 15 minutes by ferry. In the evening you can enjoy delicious Albanian specialties, including seafood, in one of the hospitable beach restaurants.

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Albania.

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6. Bermuda, Caribbean

best travel destinations April

You should all be familiar with the Bermuda Triangle. It is located north of the Caribbean between South Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda and is said to be the scene of innumerable, allegedly occurred ship and airplane disasters, some of which are even said to have disappeared without a trace. Not to be confused with the tropical paradise Bermuda, which functions exclusively as the namesake for the “devil's triangle”. Be that as it may, Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the Atlantic, which consists of the three Bermuda Islands. As on other Caribbean islands, countless dream beaches await you here, but they differ in one very decisive feature: they are pink to pink in color. The most famous among them is Horseshoe Bay Beach along the southeast coast of the island. For a very special experience, however, you should visit the Crystal Caves and the Leamington Caves. These are wondrous stalactite caves with underground ponds that make every explorer's heart beat faster. 

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current safety instructions from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Bermuda.

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7. Patmos, Greece

Greece warm

Greece is known for its myths and legends about gods and demigods such as Hercules, Zeus or Hera - less known, however, that the country also has a strong connection to Christianity: On the rather unknown Greek island of Patmos there is a cave in which the disciple John is said to have written his Apocalypse once. Patmos is not only historically interesting, the beautiful island in the Aegean Sea also offers the perfect combination of Greek holiday flair and a dream destination that has been largely spared from tourism - quiet evenings on the almost deserted beach are still possible here and should above all all romantic natures in nowhere convince that Patmos should definitely be on the travel list this April!

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office on entering Greece.

Greece is a country of dreamlike islands - click on the link and find out more about the 20 most popular Greek islands !

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8. Sardinia, Italy

warm in Europe

No, we are not in the Caribbean here, even if Sardinia's beaches are at least as heavenly. You won't find exotic fruits here either. Instead, grapefruits, oranges and mandarins are grown, which you can try on site. It's not just pleasantly warm here in April: with around 300 days of sunshine a year, the island's flora and wine-growing also benefit. Make sure you combine your Sardinia holiday with a voyage of discovery for wines! Do you prefer a beach vacation? Then off to the Costa Smeralda, the “emerald coast” of Sardinia in the north of the island. It is not for nothing that the coastal town was named after the splendid gemstone, because the ambience with its chic meeting places, magnificent marinas and upscale restaurants is just as luxurious. Cala Goloritze on the east coast is more natural. The small, wild pearl in the Mediterranean Sea will surely leave you speechless with its white pebble beach framed by the azure shimmer of the water! 

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Italy.

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9. Samaná, Dominican Republic

warm in April

On the Samaná peninsula in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, there is one picture-perfect beach after the next. A dream for every beach vacationer! Visit Las Terresitas, a mecca for diving fans and sun-seekers, or be inspired by salsa and merengue rhythms in Santa Barbara de Samaná. With a bit of luck you can see the huge humpback whales from arctic climes at the beginning of April, which cavort here in the sheltered bay off Samaná at the beginning of the year. Listen carefully to hear the whales sing. Should you, on the other hand, opt for a whale watching tour, choose your captain carefully and let them show you his whale watching license. Fancy a trip into nature? 10 kilometers southeast of Las Terrenas you will find the small village El Limón, from which you reach the Salto el Limón waterfall. The water falls about 50 meters deep here and is ideal for a refreshing swim in between!

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office on entering the Dominican Republic.

The DomRep not only has beautiful beaches, it also has some of the best spots for windsurfing and kite surfing

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10. Ulcinj, Montenegro

April travel destinations

Ulcinj, not far from the Albanian border, is the southernmost coastal town of Montenegro and the oldest city on the Adriatic. The more oriental ambience is particularly noticeable here. Various mosques adorn the city, Arabic is spoken on every corner and in some of the winding streets of the old town you can easily dream your way into the fairy tale of 1001 nights. How about a bath in the hammam, one of the last Turkish baths in Montenegro? If you prefer to swim in the sea, you should go to the Copacabana. At least that's what the locals lovingly call their Velika Plaza Beach (also called “Long Beach” in English), which offers more than 13 km of beach sections for every taste. In April it will be a pleasant 20 ° C in the south of Montenegro, so let's go!

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering Montenegro.

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11. Reunion Island

April travel destinations

The French overseas territory of La Réunion is warm in summer in April and not as humid as the months before. So ideal for an April vacation! The beautiful island is located in the Indian Ocean right next to Mauritius and is mostly visited by active vacationers. Are you a sporty person looking for a beach vacation challenge? Then you can choose between dense tropical forest, green valleys, thundering waterfalls, barren volcanic landscapes and rugged mountain regions. For all beach lovers among you there are of course various white and black beaches. However, find out in advance where bathing is allowed and monitored, so there is no risk of shark attacks. Tip: Don't miss out on the various flavors of Creole cuisine!

💡 COVID-19 Note: Please note the current security information from the Federal Foreign Office when entering La Réunion.

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The list of top travel destinations in April is a mere list without a qualitative ranking.

Do you really feel like starting your April vacation? In order to be as safe as possible during your travels, we advise you to take a look at the website of the Federal Foreign Office before each booking or regularly before starting your trip in order to be informed about all current travel regulations and local restrictions. On the RKI website you will also find an updated list of risk areas . We wish you a nice and above all safe vacation!

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FAQs about traveling in corona times

Is there a free travel app for safe travel?

The free travel app of the Federal Foreign Office offers you travel recommendations and a checklist for your travel preparation, the addresses of the representations of your travel country in Germany, information for emergencies as well as the addresses of the German representations in your travel country. Push notifications are also available for updated travel and safety information. More information can be found here.

Does my travel insurance cover COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

Some insurance companies have excluded epidemics or pandemics from insurance cover or do not pay in the event of a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office. For more information, see our article Travel Insurance and the Coronavirus: The Ultimate Guide .

Can I cancel my flight free of charge because of a travel warning?

If the Foreign Office issues a travel warning for a country, it is a matter of “force majeure or a significant risk”, which in principle entitles the traveler to cancellation without compensation. If the security situation in the destination area is uncertain, tour operators are often accommodating and offer the option of choosing a new holiday destination free of charge even without a travel warning. Contact the airline or travel agent you booked with.

🗺 How is the spread of the coronavirus affecting travel within Europe and the rest of the world? On our interactive map you will find the latest travel restrictions and notices from various countries for the rest of the world:

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